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I have spent the past five years consulting several small to medium fashion companies and have started two of my own, and have direct experience in several areas of the fashion business. Now I can share my experience with you.



I can help with several areas of the fashion business, from design & development to sourcing and production, digital strategy and PR and operations. 

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How does consulting work?

Given how different the project can be, consulting can be done per hour / per day or per project. We could also set up regular times every week / month to discuss your pressing matters.

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Location / Travelling

I am currently based in Notting Hill, London but I do sometimes make short trips for my clients, especially to oversee production.


The Practice

I normally visit my client’s offices or work from one of the Soho House locations.



“I don’t do anything that someone else can do better, and I don’t do anything that isn’t the highest and best use of my time.”

— Tony Robbins


A Top 10 Service

I am proud to say my work is always appreciated by my clients, whether it was for projects in design, manufacturing or digital marketing. Check out some of the testimonials!