Sourcing & Production Management

Given the increasingly saturated fashion landscape the way companies source and manufacture their goods is more and more important. Sourcing the right materials at the right cost and working with the right manufacturers can make all the difference, as well as a good system for production management.



The production process in any fashion company can be daunting. I have experience managing production and distribution for major brands in London, selling internationally to top retailers.

Get help with production planning and timelines, making sure you deliver according to your promises.

Get help with logistics and dealing with processes of top worldwide retailers.

Systems: Xcel, Prodmode, Zedonk.



Whether you just need to be put in touch with a factory or you need the whole production process handled from the beginning to the end, I can help you manufacture in the following countries: UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Romania, India, China.


    Working with several apparel factories that can create a wide array of products from contemporary clothing to pyjamas or baby clothes


    I have an extensive database of handbag manufacturers that can create products in a wide range of materials




    With over 300 tanneries in the database and hundreds of catalogues with swatches, I can help you pick the correct leathers for your project and save you time and money. Currently can source most types of leather, from the highest prices to the lowest, from vegetable tanned leather to full grain chrome, from printed / hair on leathers to exotic skins. I mostly source leather from Europe but can also source from other countries. Extensive list of chrome-free leather as well as sustainable vegetable tanned leather available.


    Extensive database of hardware and trim suppliers, ability to make your own custom hardware or personalise. Can source different price points from different countries.