Business Operations

Having worked in several companies and having started two of my own, I encountered many issues along the way and I have experience with different operations and finance matters that small to medium businesses come across. Some of these issues may seem unimportant but if there are several smaller matters in a longer period of time they can impact productivity and costs.



I always look to find ways to improve my own processes and the processes of others. I believe time is extremely valuable and that is why I believe in being as efficient as possible, no matter what you do.

When it comes to business we can always be better organised or use better systems. I can help your business with some of the below:

  • optimising the way you use email and cloud services by finding the most effective, cost-efficient solution for your business

  • improving productivity by installing various apps that will save a lot of time

  • looking at best ways of storing and organising your information

  • learning how you can outsource various tasks in your company and focus on what matters



I have had the experience of being in a hiring emergency, when we needed to find a trustworthy person to take care of the business whilst all the rest of us were gone and we only had a few days to hire and also train. How I did it:

  • I already knew what the best websites for hiring were so I posted the role immediately

  • I wrote a very clear job description, that explained the role itself very well as well as the situation - our urgency to hire and train someone the next day

  • I shortlisted only a few candidates as time was limited

  • I made sure that the training afterwards was thorough and no details were missed to avoid issues

The process was a success, the person is still working for the company (for over six months now).

I can help with hiring in the areas I have expertise or I can come and train some of your employees to implement a project we are working on together (perhaps production management or digital strategy).




I can help analyse your product costings and look at ways to improve margins and profit. Sometimes these solutions are external, such as finding a different material supplier or moving production to a different country to save on duty costs.


I can also help with business overheads, COGS, consumptions, margins, revenues and profits. Looking at the cashflow and business plan, identifying potential areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.